Practice yoga in the forest offers you a powerful energetic recharge, synchronizing you with the elements surrounding us. Du Yoga dans l’Bois invite you to learn yoga or to bring your practice further, to relax and enjoy. Come and get what you need, at your own rythm.

Yoga comes from the word ‘Unity’ symbolizing a philosophy that allows a deep connection within our self by the union of soul, body and mind.

Why practice yoga and meditate? We invite you to find your own answer…

For me, Yoga opened my perception to new levels of consciousness. It taught me new ways to love, accept and fully live. It helps me to reach equilibrium inside and outside in my day to day living in a more permanent way. Yoga is an ally in my quest of well being and helps me to feel trustful, with love, harmony and compassion to then share my energy to the world. When I feel one with myself, I feel one with the universe and my vibrations expand infinitely.

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