Yoga , Meditation, Sound healing, Yoga dans l’Bois founder

« We are within nature, nature is within us. We are one.»

I practice Yoga on my mat, but more important in my daily life. Yoga is for me the perpetual observation and acceptation of my self and the universe around. I one day realized that I was limited only by my own thoughts; take the time to be aware and trust, brought freedom into my life.

I had the idea to create retreats in nature to share yoga, get closer to home, help my family and share the forest where I grew up. Few months later, my dad & I were building a Yoga space, cutting and peeling trees one by one, with love and sweat. With help of family, friends and nature, Yoga dans l’Bois was born. I study yoga and healing all year round, around my home in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and I come back to Quebec every summer to share the knowledge learn.

I practice Yoga since 7 years and it was such a gift to integrate a practice into the chaotic life I felt back then. I started to live with consciousness and accept what came up to me me open arms and heart. I started to practice Yoga on my mat but also in my life. For me, Yoga is the continuous observation and acceptation of myself and the universe around. To observe without judging, accept and keep going with gratitude.

I am now certified as a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher and a practitioner in sound therapy with Tibetan bowls . I am in continuous education in Yoga, sound and meditation. It’s already du Yoga dans l’Bois 5th year and spend my summer in the forest at Club Gatineau is the fulfillment of a dream and the opportunity to share quality and magic yoga time with beautiful souls. Sending you love and peace and see you soon in the forest!

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