Du Yoga dans l’Bois…

Offers Yoga retreats in nature to nurture your mind, body & spirit. Our purpose is to allow you to fully relax, be your self, let go of what no longer serve you and tune in with nature serenity.

We organize our yoga events in the north of the Laurentides in Quebec, Canada. We’re about 4 hours north of Montreal in a remote paradise, where electricity and wi-fi are present only few hours per day, fully immersed in nature, by the river, with trails to hike and birds songs to start the day.

Yoga dans l’Bois offers you a pause from reality filled with nutritious vegan food, daily yoga classes, Tibetan bowls meditations, fire circle,  fun activities and lodging. See all our retreats here.

Every retreat includes:

  • Cabin or room lodging (different options available)
  • All vegan meals
  • Two daily Yoga classes
  • Workshops on personal development, Tibetan blows meditation, breathing and Yoga Nidra
  • Sharing circles around the fire
  • Walk in nature along the river to waterfalls
  • Local attractions sightseeing

Du Yoga dans L’Bois

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